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Game News: Hitman Absolution

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been a couple of years since Hitman: Blood Money got released (June 21, 2006) but, after all those years a new Hitman has been announced! Hitman: Absolution, for the trailer; look no further I have it right here:

Click here for the Trailer

Let's hope this game will be just as nerve-breaking as the other ones!


wolvz said...

awesome trailer! the game looks very promising!

Dralel said...

This game looks like a MASSIVE improvement over the last four games, it's gonna be sweet. Although, the naked lady in the trailer is completely irrelevant..

Devour said...

Cool trailer, maybe i can buy it and try it out when it comes out ")

Untouchable said...

I love the movie.

Sérgio said...

nice trailer...and game

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