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Game Review: Hogs of War

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today I will be reviewing the old, but precious game: Hogs of War!

About 5 years back, my father bought this game for me, I did not really enjoy it at first, but after playing it a while I started to enjoy it! After that switch, I spent many hours playing Hogs of War, and after all those years, I decided to play it one more time.

The gameplay is quite easy, it's like Worms, but in 3D. You have several Game-modes (Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Sudden Death) The Singleplayer contains missions, but you also have the option to play a match on a random generated map, which is a great feature!  In mission-mode, it's all about survival and skills. You'll have to wipe out the entire enemy team to win, you can collect medals while playing a mission, this will give you extra promotion points after completing a mission (You can promote your hogs to several classes, which will give you more weapons and health.) The game is turn based, in the PC version, the AI Hogs will not move, but on the PS1 version, they do.

The graphics actually suprised me, it looked really good for a PS1/Old PC game, just take a look at this screenshot for a nice impression:


The sound is quite good, but not perfect. The voices are done by Rik Mayall and Marc Silk, the music is done by Chris Sweetman. On the PS1, AI teams have their own tunes, and on the pc they use, just like the player, voices by Rik Mayall.


Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
Total: 7/10

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fabio_2007 said...

looks great

ApocTV said...

nice review

wolvz said...

i remember playing a demo of this game for PS1! it's an awesome game. nice review dude!

Shaquille said...

Thanks guys!

FinBis said...

Oh the memories! The british were awesome!

benjames- said...

I love this review, because it actually gives a honest opinion and facts about the game, also i remember this, what a classic! Very nice post, keep them coming ;D

Shaquille said...

Will do!

blaack said...

I hope it will be awesome like trackmania nations

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